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__________________ V I D E O S __________________

all videos written, filmed, directed and produced by Maicon Benato and Letícia Lua

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__________________ M U S I C __________________

Seduced by Suicide - Goth Rock
Armon - Goth Rock


Caordica - Alternative Metal 1
Caordica - Alternative Metal 2


Syphilitic Abortion - Gore
Outsider Resistance - Thrash Metal


Nantra - Rock and Roll
Darkest Seed - Prog Metal


Ancient Ritual - Pagan Black Metal
Sodamned - Death Metal


Slow Bricker - Alternative Rock
Hate Handles - Thrash Metal


Eridanus - Heavy Metal
Eridanus - Hard Rock


Cursed Fate - Thrash Metal
Kolisyon - Thrash Metal

all songs recorded, mixed and mastered by Roger Fingle

__________________ C O N T A C T __________________